Christmas Creations for Two Pianists — 2014

CD front cover

(From the Forward to “Christmas Creations for Two Pianists”)

Christmas Creations is a collection of music for two performers at one piano. The contents present the kind of music that captures both the holiday and the Holy Day spirit of Christmas. Not only is it ‘the season to be jolly’ but, it’s also the season to be reverent. The arrangements consist of rich harmonies and exciting rhythms and are designed for the experienced pianist. The secondo (lower) parts are not merely accompaniments but are an artistic part of the total musical fabric. ”


My Mother and I began yearly, playing this set of John Schaum Christmas arrangements, sometime in the 1980’s. Meanwhile, my sister, Cathy and I also played them and continued to more-or-less-yearly try-to-play them since our Mother’s 2012 death.

I recorded a first-cut version of these pieces during the days between November 30 – December 6, 2014. It was only while practicing, before recording, that I realized that I had previously, almost exclusively, played the 2nd (lower) part on each piece. There were several of the pieces on which I had never previously played the 1st (upper) part.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy 2014’s Christmas musical offering. I dedicate this year’s project to the memory of our dear and precious Father, who died on December 16, 2014. He was our inspiration, encourager, and greatly enjoyed hearing us play these arrangements for him.

Merry Christmas & Season’s Greetings from Stan Owen, Jr. & Creative Minds’ Music.

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Title mp3 Audio Composer
Parade of the Toy Soldiers mp3 Leon Jessel
O Come Little Children mp3 J.A.P. Schulz
What Child Is This? mp3 Old English Air
Jingle Bells mp3 J. Pierpont
Deck the Halls mp3 Traditional Welsh
Toyland mp3 Victor Herbert
March of the Toys mp3 Lewis H. Redner
Joy to the World mp3 G.F. Handel
O Come All Ye Faithful mp3 Latin Hymn
Arrival of Santa Claus mp3 H. Englemann
Silent Night mp3 Franz Gruber

5 comments to Christmas Creations for Two Pianists — 2014

  • Susan Seaman

    I have copied sheet music to the duet of arrival of Santa Claus. The copy is quite light but I think I could scan and darken it. Used to play it each December at my piano group lesson. I can email the PDF to whoever wants it.

  • Althea Blackburn

    I too am looking for a copy of the sheet music! I do believe it’s out there in someone’s home right now!

  • Beverly Peterson

    I am looking for the sheet music for the Arrival of Santa Claus as a duet (4 hands). Can you help?

    • Stan Owen, Jr.

      Beverly, I have done a little checking and it does not appear that these pieces are still in print. If any of the readers of this blog know where to obtain these, we will appreciate information about where to purchase. Thank you for your interest.

  • Ken Vines

    Enjoyed the 4-handed piano numbers…….my favorite was “What Child Is This” but “Jingle Bells” was a close second. I know both of your parents are proud of you for the music you have brought into this world. Maybe, one day way in the future, you can all be reunited in heaven to make some angelic sounds together!

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