Blog-Header Artwork

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These images are ones that I designed for use as “header” images for Creative Minds’ Music. I made (and, continue to make) these over a significantly long period of time. Early ones were not 3d. The most significant event for me in the evolution of these was when I discovered Blender. Blender is an extremely competent and deep 3d modeling program. And, for me the price (free) is right!

When I began to use Blender, I began attempts to model an idea for a “Stanway” grand-piano that would house an internal sound system (amplifier and speakers) and appear to be a “real” grand-piano, but use a commercially available synthesizer to “slide in” and provide the keys and be the sound-source. At first, I used a picture of a Kurzweil keyboard for the keys of my Stanway grand-piano. Eventually, I modeled these also in Blender.

It has consistently been a stress-reliever for me over the last couple of years to create these scenes for at least my Owen (sic) diversion. I hope you enjoy them.