Braveheart Sword & ShieldI loved the musical theme from “Braveheart” (1995) the first time I heard it and wished to eventually play and record it.

I searched for an existing, published, and notated version of this piece, but never found one. I eventually decided that like so many other times, I would transcribe the piece from its recording. To transcribe the theme from James Horner’s wonderful score, I listened to and scrutinized each discernible part, then recorded each part into my computer software, rather than writing the notes onto paper and then playing them.

How strange, that soon after posting my “Braveheart” transcription of award-winning composer, James Horner’s movie-theme (May 20, 2015), he died (June 22nd) at 61, when his small plane crashed in CA. Mr. Horner’s Wikipedia article (included, above) includes a list of his movie scores that is amazing. Rest well, James Horner. You gave us much great music.

I continue to debate with myself concerning which method of transcription is most efficient for me. This instance of listening and recording rather than listening and writing onto paper, has bolstered my belief that transcribing onto paper and then playing may, ultimately, require less work (for me). I will elaborate on this in the future.

I hope that you enjoy my rendition of “Braveheart” that, as its instument, uses only my Kurzweil PC3K8 and its effects (reverbs, etc.).

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